Google Ads (PPC)

Benefits Of Google Ads Campaigns

There are 2.3 million Google searches every second, making it the most popular search engine by far – and the perfect place for advertising. With so much potential at searchers’ fingertips, wouldn’t you want your business’s website to be the first they see? Digital Resource is your leading expert for getting the leads you need with Google advertising!

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are advertisements that appear at the very top of search results, above map and organic listings. Businesses pay to have their product or service take the top spot by bidding on relevant keywords.

Track Your Ad Performance

At Simply The Best Digital, we provide our clients with access to your Google Ads Dashboard so you can track your ROI.
We also email our clients monthly performance reports and provide you with insight into top-performing keywords and our recommendations for sustainable performance and growth.

What We Provide

Our award-winning Google Ads team has the knowledge, experience, and tools to create and maintain optimal Google Ads performance to grow your business. When you partner with Simply The Best Digital, you can expect:

In-Depth Market & Keyword Research

Extensive Competitor Analysis & Trends

Results-Driven Ad Campaigns

Monthly Reporting on Campaign & ROI

Why Does Your Business Need Google Ads?


Google Ads are by far one of the best ways to target online searches with specific intent. If your business goal is increasing leads and converting those leads into sales, then this type of advertising platform will help you achieve it faster than any other.

When you choose the pay-per-click model, your marketing efforts will be able to stay low-cost and high converting. You won’t believe how much more leads are going through when running Google Ads!

Right now, Simply The Best Digital is offering FREE Google Ads Account & Campaign Setup!

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